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At H&K we are offering you an opportunity to RESTOCK our sale - giving you a second chance to make some money.  Below are our RESTOCK GUIDELINES and some FAQ's.  At the bottom of this page are templates for you to print out.


Restocking is available to anyone (registered consignors and non-registered consignors.)
Restocking requires the printing of pre-set tags (located at the bottom of this page.)
Restocking requires cardstock and tagging (as with regular tags.)
Restocking items will be inspected.
Restocking does not require a drop-off sign up.
Restocking items must be brought to the lobby of the Expo Center on Wednesday, August 8, from 6pm-8pm.
Restocking items may be any acceptable item EXCEPT clothing.
Restocking does not get you an early shopping pass.  Early shopping times are over.
Restocking requires on site registration for those who are not in our database (non-registered consignors.)
Restocking means that your items have the same "item number".  That number is "0."
Restocking means that you will not have a description of what you have sold.  It will be labeled "unknown item" and the price entered.
Restocking means you will be able to get a check for what you have sold.


When will my restock items be for sale? On Thursday and Friday during the sale.

When do I drop off my restock items?
Wednesday, August 8, from 6pm-8pm in the lobby of the Expo Center.

Will they still be inspected?

Do I have to register as a consignor before the cut-off date of Saturday, August 4th? 
It's very helpful, but not required.  You can register as a consignor when you drop-off your items on Wednesday, August 8.

If I'm registering at the sale on Wednesday, how can I know what my consignor number will be so I can tag?
You will be assigned one when you register in the lobby.  

Do referrals for restocking count towards me being able to get 75%No.

What will you be accepting for restocking?
Anything EXCEPT clothing.  For example, we will take your $4 toy, your $8 kids' beanbag, your $3 pair of shoes (that are in exceptional shape).  We will make exceptions for boutique items.

If I register on Wednesday, will I still have a $5 fee deducted from my check and will I still get my check on Saturday along with any unsold items?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Now if you are already signed up as a Super Duper volunteer, there will be no fee taken out of your check.  Registered consignors (those who have registered online prior to cut-off) will not be charged an additional consignor fee.

If I decide I want to be a Super Duper volunteer on that Wednesday night at drop-off so I can earn 70%, can I sign up then? Yes.  Just ask for Boyd.

Will you be taking any restock items before Wednesday evening?

Can I still price my restock items to go half-price for the 50% sale?  Yes.

Can I donate them too, if unsold? Yes.

Will I still have to print out my tags at home? Yes. However, these tags will be different than the others.  Hint: there will be no barcodes and a small portion of the tag will be handwritten.  You will still print out the tags off the website link.  Then you will be required to WRITE the following: Consignor number, choose boy/girl option if applicable, choose a size if applicable, write in your price.  Donate and discount options are pre-printed.  A tag will not be accepted if the donate or discount portion has been handwritten.  Also, there is no logging in the website for restock tags and no donation receipt for restock items.

Do I have to sign up for a drop-off time for that Wednesday?
No. Just come between 6pm-8pm to the lobby of the Expo Center.

Can I get an early shopping pass if I plan on doing restock ONLY?
No. Even if you register online before the cut-off date but do not consign or volunteer as normal, you will not get an early shopping pass. Early shopping passes are only for those who have dropped off their items on the Saturday before the sale.  However, you will have two days to make some money.

Can my husband/friend drop off for me at restock?
Yes. But if you have not yet registered through the website, they will need to know your first/last name, address, email address and create a password for your account.

Will I be able to go on the website and view my restock items to see what has sold? 
Yes.  But since the restock items have no barcode, they will only show up as "unknown item".  All restock items will have the item number as "0."  So the amount you sold will be there, but what the item is (description) will not be there.  

If I'm registering at restock drop-off, do I have to sign a "Consignor Agreement?"  Yes.  We will have them there.

Do I have to put out my restock items?  No.

Open this icon below for tags that are...
Discounted & are Donated.

Download HUGS - Restock Dis Don.docx

Open this icon below for tags that are...
Discounted but are NOT Donated.

Download HUGS - Restock Dis No Don.docx

Open this icon below for tags that are...
NOT Discounted & are NOT Donated.

Download HUGS - Restock No Dis No Don.docx