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The Dellinger Family
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Hugs & Kisses is a family owned and family run children's consignment sale...with the help of a lot of dear family and friends!  We've been doing this for 13 years, right here in Cumberland County.  This Fall Sale will be our 29th sale in Fayetteville.  And both our sale and our family has continued to grow.  We have ten children, and honestly, our sales are the main way that we clothe them.  We're like any other parents with kids - we never want to pay those high retail prices!  We have found that our sales allow us to do most of our shopping for our family.  The prices are reasonable and the quality is great.  We also confess that we really enjoy the sale itself.  Our volunteers are a delight to work with and it's just wonderful meeting so many people from the community.  And even though it is an exhausting week (there's a lot of work to do to keep the sale running smoothly); we do look forward to each and every sale because, yes...it's fun!

Another aspect of our sale that is we are able to give to others through your donations.  Our church in the past has had a clothing giveaway to help others.  It was a huge success and we are grateful to our consignors who donate in order to help others.  We also give out donations to other charities and even individuals and families in need.  After our spring sale in 2011, most of our donations went to help victims of the tornados that came through our area in April 2011.  It made an immediate impact.  This past sale, we dispersed all of your donations to several ministries and charities in Cumberland County and surrounding areas.

Now back to our family...we know some of you are still brain locked because you haven't gotten past the size of our family.  You're probably thinking "TEN KIDS?" "What are they...crazy?"  Well, it's actually bigger than that.  Our oldest married in 2011 and our second oldest married in 2015, and so we now have two beautiful daughters-in-law.  And this past April, our oldest daughter married, so we added a son-in-law.  Yes, our family continues to grow.  And currently, we (Boyd & Lori) have four grandchildren. So add to more to that total.  :)

Now here's our story - the short version.  Boyd and I will have been married for 29 years.  We also are both, unashamedly, followers of Jesus Christ and committed to raising our children according to the principles and unchanging truth of God's Holy Word, the Bible.  Our desire is for our family to love Jesus and love others.  And one thing God clearly expressed in the scriptures is the blessing of children.  We take God seriously on that and have discovered for ourselves that all ten of our children have been a tremendous blessing to our family.  We would not trade all the money in the world for one of them, much less all ten of them.  So from that stand point...we're rich! 

And some of the older children, you may meet at the sale.  But in case you're just itching to know more about them...here they are. 

The kids in Virginia City, Nevada...June 2008
The kids on the way to the Grand Canyon in June 2008...

Thomas (27) & Mary - Thomas left the nest in 2010 and was married in 2011.  He lives and works in Charlotte, NC.  His wife, Mary, also works at our sale when she can.    Mary had her third child at the end of 2017.  Mary is such a joy in our life.    

John Paul (25) & Eady - In June of 2015, JP married a precious young lady - Eady Haigh.  (Eady's mom is our sales floor manager.)  You'll find John Paul helping at the sale with anything that has to do with heavy lifting.  You'll usually find Eady running a register.  John Paul's biggests fans are Jacob & Maggie.  Eady and Jomp had their first child in January of 2017.

Luke (22) - moved to Charlotte in 2016 to work for Thomas.  He won't be at our fall sale because he's on a mission trip to Portugal.  Currently, he's living with Boyd's mom in the house Boyd was raised in.  And yep, he sleeps in Boyd's childhood room.  Luke enjoys people, playing guitar,  eating steak and playing ice hockey.   If he makes it back for the sale in the spring, you'll see him helping unload and doing whatever else needs to be done.  His favorite though is talking and laughing with his brothers.  Sale Responsibilities: Luke assists with check-out and large ticket items as well as set-up and tear-down.

Michal (20) & Ben -  Michal married Ben Schneider in April.  Although they live in Apex, you'll still find her at the sale.  She's a great asset to the family business.  She loves to help with all aspects of our sale.  Recently, she's jumped in with updating our website.  Michal  also enjoys personal training, decorating, and trying her hand at photography.   Sale Responsibilities: Michal assists with check-out and set-up.

Daniel (18) - is our silent, strong one.  He'll do whatever we ask and he enjoys working with his brothers.  Daniel is looking to playing college football.  He led the state of NC in touchdowns last year for wide receivers.  Daniel is a diligent worker and enjoys playing any sport with his brothers.  He also enjoys playing the drums and working out with Boozy.    Sale Responsibilities: Daniel assists with check-out, large ticket items, and set-up and tear-down.

Joshua (16) - is hilarious.  He's always making us laugh.  He really loves to sing, and sing LOUD.  Also, he's seldom called Joshua - usually Boozy.  Boozy loves to "experiment" with cooking when he's not playing, fishing, mowing our yard or working out.   Boozy and Daniel both play for the Sandhill Titans in Fayetteville.  Sale Responsibilities: Joshua assists with check-out, large ticket items, and set-up and tear down. 

Tabby (134 - loves to read, and read, and read, and she is also taking violin and piano lessons.   She's getting her driver's permit soon - so watch out Cumberland County!  Tabby also enjoys mowing our yard, playing volleyball, and reading.  Didn't we say that already?  Sale Responsibilites: Just smiles a lot and shows Maggie where the shoes are.

Gracie (12) - loves to socialize.  She also could watch Hallmark movies all day if we let her - but we don't.  Gracie is our flower child and enjoys dancing in the kitchen or wherever she can.  Gracie also is taking piano lessons  Sale Responsibilities: Ooohs and aahhs over everything on the sale floor.

Jacob (10) - is such a delight to our family.  When our grandson was about to be born, we told him he was going to be an uncle.  He then ran out of the room crying.  When asked why, he said he didn't want to be an uncle, he wanted to be a fireman.  Jacob enjoys helping us at the sale.  Sale Responsibilities: Staying with JP.

Maggi (8) - is the queen.  We all love to play with her, and snuggle with her, and watch her just be silly. We can't remember what we did before she came along and we can't imagine life without her.  She is soooo loved in this family.    Sale Responsibilities:  Making us smile when we're tired.

Well, there you have it.  Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us.  Below, we've also listed a variety of websites to share with you that are personal to us in many different ways. 
Thanks again...and we'll see you at the Sale! 

Hugs & Kisses!
Boyd and Lori Dellinger

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