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Hugs & Kisses loves children.  We also realize that some families struggle to find clothing and toys for their children.  It's these families that we want to help and the very generous donations of our consignors makes that possible.  Our own church family has participated in clothing giveaways which benefited the community.  We have taken your donated items to many ministries and agencies in Cumberland County.  Your donated clothing, household items, and toys were available to those in need within our community.  From helping with victims of hurricanes, lost due to fire, or whatever the need, your donations are of such great use.  Many families have been blessed by your generous donations. 

We encourage you to also help in supporting such ministries as the Crisis Pregnancy Center / Operation Blessing of Fayetteville, Alpha Pregnancy Support ServicesAgape Pregnancy Support Services, and
The Royal Home.  Unwed mothers need a lot of support and these organizations are a huge help to them.  Hugs & Kisses loves children...born and unborn.  We're grateful for ministries like these that reach out and minister to mothers and their unborn babies.  

Also, something very, very important we want you to know.  If you, or someone you know, is pregnant and cannot, or does not want to keep their baby, our family, and several other wonderful families we know, would be willing to adopt that baby.  Just contact us, we'd love to help you.

During this upcoming sale, we are once again adding another opportunity for you to give.  As you enter the sale, there will be two boxes for us to fill up with non-perishable food items, toiletries, and baby care for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Cumberland County.  Let's fill them up and help those in our community!    

And finally, in 2016 we began our "H&K Charity Day!"  How it works is on Thursday, during our fall public sale from 10am-6pm, we are giving 10% of the proceeds to 10 different charities.  When a shopper makes a purchase, 10% of their receipt goes to one of the ten charities pre-selected for our Charity Day.  And the shopper gets to choose which one they want the donation to go towards.  If you have a charity you would like to recommend for our Charity Day, just send us an email.

Hugs & Kisses!  xoxo