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Here is the H&K drop off process:

1. PULL UP (Follow the signs near the Expo Center and pull up to the large door at the back left, behind the Expo Center.) 

2. DRIVE INTO THE EXPO CENTER (as directed by attendents) (Turn off your vehicle, exit your vehicle, and we will help you u
nload your items and take them inside to an inspection table.)

3. EXIT THE EXPO CENTER & PARK (Once unloaded, go and park your vehicle and come back into the Expo center.  Do NOT leave your children unattended.  We do not recommend bringing them to drop-off, but if you do, do NOT leave them unattended.)

4. RETURN TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO CHECK-IN / PICK UP PASSES (When you come back inside the Expo Center, go immediately to the CHECK-IN table in the Lobby.  You will give us your name and consignor number and we will give you your early shopping passes.)

5. PUT UP (After checking in, go to the inspection station where your items were dropped off.  After inspection is completed, your acceptable Items will be placed on the sale floor by you, and if available, a helpful volunteer.  They must be placed in the appropriate areas.  We recommend that you have your clothing items sorted according to gender and size order for your own convenience.  Racks will be marked according to size and gender.) 

6. PICK UP (When finished, return to your inspection table and pick up any unacceptable items and you're done.)

***We anticipate that most consignors should expect this to be a 45 minute process or less from start to finish.  If you have hundreds of items, this may lengthen your drop-off time.  If you have so many items that require two trips, please sign up for two drop off times.  Also, if you have over 700 items, please contact us directly concerning your drop-off time.

We want our sale to be known for the quality of the items we have, not just the quantity, so remember:  Bring items that have been cleaned, do not smell like smoke, have no pet hair on them, and are not wrinkled.  We pulled hundred items at our last sale that did not meet these qualifications.  Do not bring your clothes in bags - they will get wrinkled.  If you must bring them in something, lay them flat in boxes or Rubbermaid bins.  Any questions, just contact us.

Hugs & Kisses xoxo