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Looking for our Christmas Sale?

August 13-15, 2014

@ the Crown EXPO Center - Fayetteville, NC

Want to shop on August 12, before the public? You can if you are a...
Consignor, Volunteer, Vendor, First Time Mom, or Military!!!

Consignor/Volunteer/Vendor registration is now closed.
We will be opening to the public on Wednesday, August 13 at 10:00am

Click Here for our Sale Floor plan.

 Public sale dates & sale times:
    Wednesday - August 13 - 10am-8pm
    Thursday     - August 14 - 10am-6pm
                       Friday          - August 15 - 10am-6pm (50% off sale)

  or Cash
(No Checks)

.....  ......  ......


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Please read through entirely before contacting us with questions.
Happy Consigning & Shopping!
HERE to get on our mailing list.

Visit our Skibo Rd, Raeford Rd, and Cross Creek Mall Locations -

"A Dellinger family favorite!"

Pictures of our sales...
Find even more pictures on our Facebook page - Click Here!

Our Monthly Winners!
If we spot your vehicle with our H&K decal,
you'll get $20 off in H&K gift cards,
just for being an H&K fan!

April 2010 - Cheryl H. was spotted in Hope Mills
May 2010
- Lisa H. was seen in Fayetteville
June 2010 - Monique M. was seen at Dairy Queen
July 2010 - Holly J. was parked in Fayetteville
August 2010 - Eve J. was in the drive thru at Bojangles
September 2010 - Patricia B. was spotted in the Food Lion parking lot
October 2010 - Carrie L. got her gift card in Hope Mills
November 2010 - Molly H. was found in Fayetteville
December 2010 - Deanna T. of Raeford had her sticker
January 2011 - Christina R. won on Facebook
February 2011 - Cristal O. was seen at Chick-fil-a
March 2011 - Susan L. had her sticker on her van at Best Buy
April 2011 - Charles H. was spotted in Fayetteville
May 2011 - Lynn G. was seen at Aldis
June 2011 - Catherine A. was parked in Fayetteville
July 2011 - Shelly J. won on Facebook
August 2011 - Carol D. had a sticker on her bumper
September 2011 - Sarah H. had her decal on her window
October 2011 - Rebecca S. is an H&K fan
November 2011 - Jennifer T. won through a FB giveaway
December 2011 - Kelly L. had seen in Hope Mills with her decal
January 2012 - Rebecca S. had her decal in Fayetteville
February 2012 - Patricia B. won on Facebook
March 2012 - Katie W. was parked at the Expo Center
April 2012 - Twyla V. was spotted at the Hibachi Grill
May 2012 - Jennifer M. was parked in Fayetteville
June 2012 - Emily T. was spotted on Cliffdale Rd
July 2012 - Denise B. had her decal off Hwy 301
August 2012 - Katie L. was at the H&K sale
September 2012 - Aby C. was seen at the Hibachi Grill
October 2012 - Leanna A. had her decal on her van in Fayetteville
November 2012 - Melissa H. was spotted on Owen Dr.
December 2012 - Margaret M. was found in Hope Mills
January 2013 - Jody had her decal on her SUV
February 2013 - Denise won on Facebook
March 2013 - Elsie was seen in the Westwood Shopping Center
April 2013 - Tara was spotted on Hwy 301
May 2013 - Melanie was seen in Raleigh
June 2013 - Lily had her H&K on her SUV
August 2013 - Cait won on the Chick-fil-A giveaway
September 2013 - Danielle was seen at Target
October 2013 - Doris was found with her decal at Aldi's
November 2013 - Liz was seen at Sammio's Restaurant
December 2013 - Amy was spotted in Hope Mills
January 2014 - Joni was seen in Vanstory Hills
February 2014 - Paige was seen at drop-off
March 2014 - Matthew was parked in Stedman
April 2014 - Denise was seen in Fayetteville
May 2014 - Heather got her gift cards
June 2014 - Abigail was seen near Ramsey St.
July 2014 - Tracey was happy to get her $20 in gift cards
August 2014 - Linda loved her gift cards in time for the sale
September 2014 - April was seen with her decal on Grove St.
October 2014 - ???

...over $900 in gift cards given away so far!

...$20 just for having a decal!

Want one? You can pick them up at our Fall 2014 sale!