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Hugs & Kisses sends out emails about 6 weeks prior to the upcoming sale.  Since it takes some time to prepare your items for consignment, we give you plenty of notice.  But you do not have to be consignor to be on the list - there are many who just want to shop!  So if you would like to be on this list and be notified of the next sale, whether you're shopping, volunteering, or consigning, just CLICK HERE and fill out all the info.  Hugs & Kisses  xoxo

***Please Note:  WE HATE SPAM just as much as you do.  To prevent spam and undesired emails, a new feature to our software has been added.  If you sign up on the mailing list, you will receive an email confirmation that requires a reply.  If you do not respond to it, you will not be added to the mailing list.  You MUST confirm to the confirmation email to be on our list.  Also, H&K does not share or sell your email address with anyone.  And you can opt out of emails at anytime.