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"A little peek at your little miracle."

Please read thoroughly this entire page before proceeding to sign up for a volunteer shift.  All volunteering is done all online. 

On this page:
*Volunteer shift requirements and benefits.
*Volunteer guidelines.
*Volunteer shift details (what to expect / what is needed for certain shifts).

Volunteer Requirements / Benefits

Regular Volunteers  (1 shift)
3 hours of work - Shop early on Tuesday @ 10:00am / Shop early for 50% off sale @ 7:00pm on Thursday with consignors and all volunteers.  

Super Volunteers (2 shifts)
6 hours of work - Shop the earliest on Tuesday @ 8:30am / Shop early for 50% off sale @ 7:00pm on Thursday with consignors and all volunteers. 

Super-Duper Volunteer (3 shifts)
9 hours of work - Shop the earliest on Tuesday @
8:30am / Shop early for 50% off sale @ 7:00pm on Thursday with consignors and all volunteers.  There is no $5 consignor fee taken out of your check.  Earn 70% of sales!

Volunteer Guidelines 

  • All volunteers must check-in / sign-in prior to working their shifts.  If you do not sign in, your shift will not count.  Volunteers must also check-out / sign-out once their shift is completed.  During drop-off, volunteer check-in is located in the middle of the sale floor behind the drop off tables.  Look for the pink sign.  During the actual sale, volunteer check-in is located behind the check-out stations (where the cashiers are.) 

  • Although we love children and they are very welcome at our sale, please be aware that this is a working sale and it is difficult for a volunteer to be responsible for both volunteering and watching their children.  Therefore, only nursing babies are allowed or infants who can sit in a sling.  We just really want you to understand that we need you to work without having to focus on your children.  But older children, (12 or older) make great helping hands by carrying out items for other moms.  However, volunteer credit for shifts is only given to teens 16 years old or older. And of course, spouses are always welcome to volunteer with you and count towards your volunteer hours.

  • Spouses: If you and your spouse work one three hour shift, it counts as two total shifts (except inspectors).  Just email us directly if your husband will be working during the SAME EXACT shift. If you are working the same times, but under shifts with different descriptions, you can sign up yourself under your name.  This gives you the credit for your spouses shift.  But remember, if volunteering during the SAME EXACT shift and same time, you must email us because we have to manually enter in your name for that exact same shift.

  • Please show up 15 minutes prior to your shift. This is when you check-in, secure belongings, etc.  You must stay for your entire shift.  Signing out at the conclusion of your shift is the only way to get credit for volunteering.  Feel free to bring a snack and/or drink. 

  • We will expect you to work during your time...not shopping, being on your phone, or looking for items to purchase later.  We also expect volunteers to use their cell phones only for emergencies

  • Any attempt to purchase directly from consignors will result in being banned from all future consigning and volunteering. 

  • Volunteers (not consigning) - No volunteers unless they are a consignor.  In the past, we have many volunteers who do not consign.  However, we have also had an increasing amount of no-shows from our non-consigning volunteers.  So, if you wish to volunteer and not consign, you must have done either volunteered or consigned in the past and you must also email us directly if you wish to sign up.  But we do recommend you just consign.  Our minimum is only 10 items or $25 worth of items.  

  • Consigning Volunteers -  Those who sign up and shop, and then do not show up to volunteer, will have an additional $20 deducted from their consignment payout per shift that is missed.  If applicable, missing your third shift will prohibit you from earning 70%.  Also, any volunteer that fails to work their shift and does not contact us, will be prohibited from volunteering in future sales.

  • Consignor fees are not charged to Super Duper volunteers.  (Those volunteering 3 shifts.) 

  • Although we need many volunteers, certain time slots can fill up fast.  Reserve your time slot soon.

  • Want to see the volunteer schedule? CLICK HERE (viewing purposes only - not for signing up)

Volunteer Shift Details 

Inspectors - (Friday / Saturday drop-off only)  Must work 6 hours straight (9am-3pm or 3pm-9pm).  Previous consignor experience with H&K required.  Must be able to look consignors in the eye and tell them respectfully, "I'm sorry, but this is not acceptable."  Must be able to multi-task.  We need very, very nice, friendly, but firm volunteers for this position.  Lunch is provided by H&K for those working from 9am-3pm / Dinner is provided by H&K for those working from 3pm-9pm.  REQUIREMENT!  All Inspectors (new and previous) also must attend one of the 45 minute "Inspector Classes" at the Expo Center.  If you have inspected with us at least twice, email us after you sign up. We have special instructions for you concerning the inspectors class.

Inspectors must attend an inspection class.  Inspection classes are held before the 3pm shifts on Friday and Saturday.  For instance, those inspecting on Friday will attend the 2:00pm class prior to your 3pm shift before the Friday drop-off. Those inspecting on Saturday afternoon at 3pm will attend the 2pm class prior to your volunteer shift.  There is no 8am inspector class on Saturday.  Those who are inspecting Saturday from 9am-3pm must be veteran inspectors.  Meaning they have inspected at least twice already.  Inspectors also immediately qualify as Super Duper Volunteers (first shopping, $5 consignor fee waived, and 70% of their sales.)

- (Saturday drop-off only) Physical work involved.  Primarily helping consignors unload items and taking them to inspectors. Lots of walking involved. Also helps with traffic.  (Great job for husbands.)

Sorters - (Saturday drop-off only) Physical work involved.  Primarily taking acceptable items that have passed inspection and putting them on the sale floor in the appropriate areas.  Lots of walking involved.

Traffic Directors - (Saturday drop-off only)  Outside work.  Requires speaking to each driver entering the Expo.  Directing the traffic flow for drop-off.  Traffic directors are the first volunteers to greet consignors.  Be ready to smile!

Resorting - (Saturday pick-up only)  Resorting unsold items after the sale ends.  Involves a lot of walking and looking at tags / organizing.  May include helping carry some items to the consignor's vehicle.  

Super Resorters! Those who sign up for one seven-hour shift will have lunch/dinner provided by H&K.  They will also immediately qualify for 70% of their sales and their consignor fee will be waived.  There will be one seven-hour shifts available for the final Saturday.  (8am-3pm) We will also have other three hour resort shifts available.

General Volunteering
- (During actual sale - Tuesday through Friday) Not limited to, but may typically involve some of the following: Assisting with check-out, organizing and cleaning up during the sale, taking shopping passes from consignors/volunteers/new moms, helping carry items out to vehicles, and any other work that's needed.   

Set-up - This is the Thursday and Friday before drop off.  It requires light physical labor and a lot of walking.  

Ready to volunteer?  Signing up is confirmation that you have agreed to the above volunteer requirements.  If you are consigning AND volunteering, please register as a consignor first.  If you are just volunteering, please email us for requirements if you only want to volunteer.  We must manually enter you into the system.  CLICK HERE to sign up.
Thursday, August 2, at 9am 

Thanks for volunteering!  We can't do it without you!

Hugs & Kisses  xoxo