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Why consign with Hugs and Kisses?
Why shop at Hugs & Kisses

We realize that there are other consignment stores and sales you can go to...so why us?  Well, here are a few things that make us unique...

* We are Fayetteville's HIGHEST PAYOUT consignment sale.  Our minimum is 66.67% but you can earn up to 75%.  Super Duper Volunteers working 3 shifts can make 70% (and a lot of consignors sign-up for this).  So when you consign with H & K, you make more money for your items.  (And in this economy, every penny counts.)  We also reimburse consignor fees to those who are Super Duper volunteers (3 shifts.)

* We offer 17 hours of drop off time.  You can drop off your items on Friday or Saturday.  This means plenty of options for you to schedule your drop off time.  Also, we've worked hard at streamlining this process for efficiency for both our consignors and our volunteer workers.  You actually drive into the Expo Center and all unloading is done indoors!  We are the only consignment sale in the world that does this! (As far as we know.)

* We offer a convenient location.  We are at the Cumberland County Crown EXPO Center.  This location is well known, easily accessible, and convenient to find for those who come from out of town.  And the parking is plentiful and the lobby spacious.  Oh, and then there is the 60,000 square feet of floor space!

*We offer a variety of vendors at our sale.  As a small business ourselves, H&K loves to help promote other small businesses in our area.  Our vendors enjoy being a part of the Sandhills largest consignment sale and seeing their business or organization reach thousands through our sale.  

* We offer a quick turn around on your money.  At H&K, you get your check when you pick up your unsold items (if you have any.)  The date for picking up your unsold items is the Saturday after the sale.  Yep...that's a very quick turn around for all of your hard work.  With H&K, there's no waiting weeks for your money!  Our consignors keep telling us that they love getting their checks so fast!

* We also offer a hour window for you to pick up your items (on Saturday, August 11, from 7pm-9pm).  And when you come in, your unsold items are sorted and ready to go...with your check!  This is also another aspect of our sale that our consignors just love.  Picking up their items is a pleasant, orderly, and relatively short wait.  Most consignors are in and out of the pick up time in about 10-15 minutes...and with their check!

* We give our donations back to the Fayetteville community.   H&K is more than just a consignment sale for us.  We (the Dellingers) live here in Cumberland County and are involved in our community.  Even our donations go right back here into Cumberland County.  Meeting needs, giving back, and living here in Cumberland County enables us to be more than just a consignment sale - we are your neighbor!

So there you have it.  We look forward to you consigning and shopping at Hugs and Kisses!

Consign and Make Money, Shop and Save Money - or just DO BOTH!  @ Hugs and Kisses!