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75% Club!


Okay, you must be wanting to make more money.  So how do you qualify to join the 75% Club?  Just have 5 referrals who have never consigned with Hugs and Kisses before, put your name on the "referred by" block when they register online.  

Now these first time H&K consignors will still make 2/3 of their sales.  But you, Oh Great Consignment Queen, will make 75% of your sales. 


  • All 5 of your consignor referrals must meet the minimum requirements to consign and they must drop off their items in person.

  • Referrals do not carry over from previous sales.

  • You cannot refer yourself.

  • You do not have to be a previous consignor to participate in earning 75%.

  • For those who have 5 or more referrals, we will then check our previous consignor's list to verify that this is their first time.  (Please note that if they have EVER registered with us as a consignor, whether or not they ended up consigning, they will not be eligible as a referral.) 

  • Referrals must enter in your name in the "referred" block when they register online - it cannot be added later after they have initially registered - our computer system will not allow it. 

    There you have it...now go call your friends and make even more money with
    Hugs & Kisses!